WonderFits provides consumers with the ability to purchase a wide range of fashion apparel and items from various Australian and New Zealand designers, based on the customer’s individual preferences.

Capturing the youth market is key for fashion retailers looking to accelerate growth. Over 54% of youths have a favourite brand they would promote to others.


Demand for personalized products increased by 28.2% in 2016. More and more online retailers are offering consumers the ability to co-design and add personal touches to their products and this is steadily increasing.

Buying behaviour

Consumers are tending to shop online later in the day, with 29% of purchases made between 7-10pm. A further 18% occur between 2-5pm.

Trending devices

Online shopping via a mobile device is increasing at an impressive rate, up 52% from 2015. However, most online shopping is still done on desktop or laptop computers.
Desktop and laptop purchases have declined at 10% and 6% respectively, while shopping via mobile is building from a low base.

Track your sales, payments and customer interactions on the spot


Obtain immediate notifications upon any new orders put through ready to be sent out to the customer


See which of your products customers have liked.


See what is required to be confirmed and delivered to customers and update inventory levels.


Our friendly customer service team are available to help on +61 450 036 663 (WonderFits).

Our value to Your Boutique

Access to a wide customer base

Wonderfits will be promoted to a wide range of customers, predominantly the population of tech savvy mobile users who are between the age of 16 to 35. This will significantly improve your brand’s reach through Australia, potentially leading to more sales.

Smarter insights into your shoppers

Based on customer activity on our platform, we will be able to identify the key drivers to your sales, the peak of activity, the types of customers (age, location, demographics etc.) in order to better determine the way your products sell and how to improve sales. We will be looking to leverage on our social media big data analysis, to provide targeted customer engagement based on the needs of your boutique.

Joining us on the platform

Be part of THE NEW WAVE of online shopping, along with many other upcoming and established Australian boutiques, with our unique artificial intelligence making shopping more enjoyable for the customer. We will also be creating predictive shopper need (i.e. Targeting customer before they realise a need and exactly when a they are looking to make a purchase).

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